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Miracle II Regular Soap - 22 oz.
Miracle II Regular Soap - 22 oz.

Miracle II
Regular Soap
22 oz.

The original natural multi-purpose liquid green soap replaces your bathing, laundry and household cleaning products. The soap that started it all! One of the most amazing products that has ever been presented to mankind! Revealed to Clayton Tedeton more than 28 years ago. New uses are found all the time! It's a soap, cleaning agent, degreaser, and deodorizer all in one! Miracle II Soap cleans your home, laundry, face & skin, your car, and a whole lot more -- including your windows. Most of this natural product is from the dust of the earth, without the drawbacks and harsh ingredients of regular soaps or detergents. Naturally concentrated, and biodegradable.

Price: $16.99

Product Description Directions
Product Description

Ingredients: energized stabilized oxygenated water - Dehydrabiethylanmine (Substitude name for proprietary ingredient) - Ash of Dedecly solution - Calcium - Potassium - Magnesium - Foaming Agent (Coconut extract).

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