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Visit Herbal Legacy for educational information relating to all of Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas, Single Herbs, various ailments, and more.

If you're interested in becoming certified as an herbalist, or just want to know more about herbs, visit our friends at

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Interested in herbs and nutrition? Be sure to check out A Healthier You Radio on-line. You can download past shows in MP3 format, and also sign up for a subscription for the current year. Click on www.ahealthieryouradio.com.

Interested in eating at Ginger's Garden Cafe? Check out our menu at www.gingersgardencafe.com

We are a community of friends and neighbors; healers and seekers; connecting those who wish to find a healthier way with those who can support the journey. By linking healers in the community, and offering practitioner specials, obtaining quality self-care has never been easier. Whether it is attending a yoga class, figuring out your finances, or learning a new way to cook, you will find it all at The Center.

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