After we get your order, it takes between 1-2 days to process it for shipment. We are committed to shipping your order out as soon as we can. You can select your shipping option when you check out. We ship via UPS & USPS in the United States. On the checkout page after you enter your zip code and state you will be able to select a shipping option.

HOW TO SAVE ON SHIPPING NOTE: This information only applies to orders within the United States. To save money on shipping, it's best to order more than one item. UPS and USPS charge one main fee to ship any package, and then add only modest increments for each additional pound, so the per-item shipping cost goes down dramatically with each additional item that you order. For example, if it costs $6 to ship one item, it often costs just a dollar or two more to ship two items, and only two or three dollars more to ship three items, and so on and so forth. Because of the initial fee charged by carriers it is hard to justify ordering just one item, as the shipping cost will often be close to or higher than the cost of the actual product. You are, of course, welcome to order just one item, but your shipping cost will be high for it. We only charge for shipping and handling what we are charged by UPS or USPS.

* International Orders - there is a minimum charge of $30 - however, we will contact you and let you know your total by e-mail, with shipping, before processing your order. It is your responsibility to find out about your country's laws concerning receiving herbs and the customs policies. If you place an order and your country does not allow our products to be shipped in you will not receive a refund. We know that Mexico does not allow herb orders and people in Australia have had customs challenges as well. Orders shipped internationally via UPS can be tracked but they could be subject to a courier fee implemented by UPS that we have no control over. We have heard of fees ranging from $30-$120 dollars.

What can be returned?
Unopened products you have had for less than 60 days can be returned for a refund of the amount you paid excluding shipping.
Please send returns to Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop 188 South Main Street Springville UT 84663.

What cannot be returned?

Herbs and groceries that have been weighed out into smaller packages (bulk 4oz, 8oz)

If we make an error with picking or shipping your order we will send a call tag and the correct product.
If you order the wrong product we will exchange it for you once the item is returned.

guarantee the quality of all of our formulas and products. We cannot however guarantee specific results as each body and healing process is unique.